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What are EduTrack's qualifications for teaching CNA training courses?

The EduTrack Nurse Assistant Training Program meets all Federal and State requirements for curriculum and instructional hours.

What if English is my second language?

While the state mandates that we teach CNA training courses in English, we work hard to reach anyone who speaks it as a second language. We fully believe that anyone regardless of background can be a highly skilled caregiver and it’s no different for those who speak English as a second language.

How soon can I start working after taking the CNA training course?

The program is 7 weeks long, after which you’ll be taking the CNA competency exam, and applying for your CNA certification. Once those are in order, we’ll work hard to place you at a great facility close to your home!

How long is the training course?

The training course is seven weeks. 

Why is EduTrack offering free CNA training courses?

Our vision is to expand the field of well-qualified and well-trained individuals capable of providing caring and competent care within long-term care.  A big part of that involves finding students who fit the profile to become excellent nursing assistants, and we are open to students from all walks of life, all you need is a high school education and the will to learn!

What is the process like for enrolling?

It’s very easy! You’ll need to fill out the form on this page, and then you’ll get a call from one of our program administrators to secure your spot for the next free nurse assistant training course.

How do I enroll?

Sign up here, or simply call or text us at 714-264-0052 to get an even quicker response.

What should I expect during the CNA course?

The program is a 7-week course providing classroom and clinical instruction. After completion of the course, students take the California state CNA competency exam. (Don’t worry—we will help you prepare and practice before the exam!)

What is the average salary for graduates of EduTrack?

Graduates can expect up to a $42,000 average annual salary. 

When will the next CNA course be held?

Unless otherwise scheduled, EduTrack will hold classes approximately every seven to nine weeks when the clinical sites have a need. This minimum 160-hour course qualifies the graduate to take the Nurse Assistant certification exam.  Successful completion of this written and manual exam will allow the graduate to apply to the California Department of Public Health for Certification as a Nurse Assistant.

What are the entrance requirements?
  1. Be at least 18 years of age, an eighth (8th) grade education level.
  2. Meet health requirements – Tuberculosis testing and physical exam within 90 days of entrance or prior to direct resident contact. This reports must be signed by the physician, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner and provided to the school.  The report should indicate that the student does not have any health condition that would create a hazard to himself, fellow employees or residents.
  3. Officer of the Inspector General background check is clear.
  4. Upon enrollment in a training program for nurse assistant certification and prior to direct contact with residents, a candidate for training shall submit a training and examination application and the fingerprint cards to the state department to receive a criminal record review through the department of Justice.
  5. An applicant and any other person specified in this subdivision as part of the background clearance process, shall provide information as to whether or not the person has any prior criminal convictions, has had any arrests within the past 12-month period, or has any active arrests, and shall certify that, to the best of his or her knowledge, the information provided is true. Every applicant shall provide information on any prior administrative action taken against him or her by any federal state or local government agency and shall certify that to the bet of his or her knowledge that the information provided is true.
  6. The student must sign a waiver stating that he/she has never been convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic violation. No nursing facility shall permit students to practice their clinical skills training or have contact with patients unless they have been screened and there is no indication they have been convicted of crimes listed on the Conviction of Penal Code found in this booklet*
  7. Live Scan Fingerprinting will be completed in the program.
  8. Proof of valid Social Security Card and legal to work status.
  9. The Nurse Assistant Program requires a level of maturity and self-sufficiency that will help guarantee “patient safety.” The Health care field is demanding, tedious, yet very rewarding.  Potential students need to stop and analyze the reality of working in a convalescent setting.  If the student has any questions or concerns, contact the instructor prior to enrollment.
  10. Pass an entrance exam consisting of English reading comprehension and basic math by 75%*
  11. Purchase of needed books, uniforms, gait belt, watch and shoes.
  12. Completion of American Heart Association – Basic Life Support. 
How much is tuition?

EduTrack is 100% FREE!

Because we partner with 40 excellent medical facilities, we’re able to help both you, the future nursing assistant, and facilities to find that perfect match.

We cover everything:

  • $0 Registration
  • $0 Tuition
  • $0 Equipment
  • $0 Fingerprint fee
  • $0 Books

We care about seeing you succeed, and at EduTrack, we’ll go above and beyond to support you in every way. After passing your exams and receiving your certification, EduTrack offers 100% job placement in excellent Southern California medical facilities!

Who is teaching the nurse training courses?

The instructors of the course are licensed nurses or approved as Director of Staff Development/ Instructor as defined in California Administrative code, Title 22, Section 71829.

Program Mission

Our vision is to expand the field of highly qualified, highly trained individuals capable of providing excellent long-term care. We welcome students from all walks of life, and it is our belief that if you are willing to work hard, you can become an amazing asset to any healthcare team!

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Our teachers are licensed nurses, and our nursing assistant training program fulfills Federal and State requirements for this program type in the state of California as mandated by California Department of Public Health.