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Sammy “Sam” Balisbis RN, BSN

Sammy "Sam" Balisbis RN, BSN

Program Director
Sun Mar Nurse Consultant

Sammy Balisbis embarked on his humble beginnings in the Philippines, starting out as a nurse, professor, reviewer, and clinical instructor. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Bicol University and his Master of Arts in Nursing degree from Aquinas University. Although he pursued a doctor of medicine degree, he decided to migrate to the United States after passing the national council licensure examination (NCLEX).

As a registered nurse, Mr. Balisbis gained exposure to various healthcare settings and worked with numerous professionals and students from diverse educational and socio-economic backgrounds, capabilities, and skill sets. His objective is to equip students with not only knowledge and skills but also a positive attitude toward their chosen profession. He encourages students to express their thoughts freely and share their ideas while maintaining a high level of respect. He strives to provide a quality education that meets the standards of nursing practice.

Mr. Balisbis has the privilege of serving as EduTrack program director at SunMar Healthcare, which allows him to share his expertise in a multicultural environment where possibilities are endless. This work also fuels his enthusiasm to contribute to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Program Mission

Our vision is to expand the field of highly qualified, highly trained individuals capable of providing excellent long-term care. We welcome students from all walks of life, and it is our belief that if you are willing to work hard, you can become an amazing asset to any healthcare team!

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Our teachers are licensed nurses, and our nursing assistant training program fulfills Federal and State requirements for this program type in the state of California as mandated by California Department of Public Health.